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Pamela A. MacGregor Welcomes you to Tarvey Cottage Studio in Northwest Ohio.

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Pamela A. MacGregor is both a Felt Artist and Felt Tutor. She specializes in Felt Sculptures, unique Felt Teapots, Felt Vessels, and Felt workshops.

She has exhibited throughout the United States and her work has been published in the book 500 Felt Objects as well as in several international magazines-see Publications. She has taught her unique approach to three dimensional sculpting both nationally and internationally.

A retired art teacher, Pamela has enjoyed her retirement time to renew and pursue her interests in the sculptural forms she studied in art school. The discovery of wool and its many possibilities made felt an easy choice for her sculpting medium. Felt making has charged her with a new artistic energy. She finds the versatility and engineering possibilities for every project both mentally and physically stimulating. At the end of the day, there is usually a sweet surprise, an ah ha moment of inspiration giving her insight for future felt works, bringing with it new and unique possibilities.

When designing her felt work, her first consideration is always the form. She likes a "clean" look which tends to have less surface design. Accessing the form and asking if the surface design will add to the form or interfere with it, Pamela quite often feels that less is more. She prefers to allow the form to hold the work not the surface design. She likes the quiet space.

Her teapots, sculptures and vessels have evolved during her 10 years of felt making. She had the pleasure to learn from many wonderful felt makers who have inspired Pamela during her felting journey. After many years, the information she has learned along the way has all melted together to form her work. Pamela thanks all of them for their inspiration. You can see the workshops Pamela has taught, the exhibitions she has entered and the awards she has received throughout these web pages. To see all of this together in a list click on the link More about Pamela.

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